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Horse Centered Reflection


Private Sessions & Workshops


Room SessionWhat you can expect from our workshops:

* Learn the art of listening and non-verbal communication: horses communicate through body language, movement and posture. People learn all levels of communication and how it impacts others. It has been estimated that only 10% of communication is verbal.

* Understand the message behind the emotions: all emotions, even the darkest ones have the power to protect and inform. Emotions can also act as an energetic force which is felt physically by others.

* Enhance Self-awareness and intuitive skills: connect with your heart’s intelligence and magnetic field which is involved in intuitive perception.

* Build Self-confidence and align with your strengths: being in the physical presence of a horse enables people to confront fear and gain courage and confidence.

* Experience empowerment and inner balance: horses are non-judgemental and live in the moment. This enables people to connect in a place of trust which enables them to open up, develop mutual trust in outside relationships, allowing them to communicate lovingly.

* Experience the power of being in the moment: horses mirror what your emotions tell them. This can guide people to make a change in their behaviour and produce positive results.

* Learn to set healthy boundaries: everyone including the horses has a personal space that must be respected. Learn the many layers of response and the respect you obtain from respecting them.

* Develop leadership skills: the horse helps you develop clear vision and trust in your partnership. Presence is enhanced by attaining goals. You develop new skills and styles by reading feedback from the horses.

* Re-connect with your Authentic self and voice: learn to use your body to receive and process information coming from the environment, other people and your own internal emotions. Dismiss the “False Self” or your judgemental voice and recognize your “Authentic Self”, which is open to all emotions and uses them as information.

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