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Horse Centered Reflection




Let the horses lead you into: Finding your inner wisdom Realizing personal boundaries Discovering your Heart’s Desire Feeling a heart connection

Horse Centered Reflection is owned and operated by Jocelyn Grey who is a facilitator in Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL).

Jocelyn welcomes anyone who wishes to experience a life changing experience interacting with her horses as wise teachers and healers.


Horse Centered Reflection offers FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) group workshops or one-on-one session which allows personal growth; deepening self-awareness and intuitive insight through the wisdom of the horse.

Animals inherit the successful habits of their species as instincts. We especially see this with horses as they have maintained their powerful prey instincts so well over millions of years. As prey animals, horses are able to detect physiological changes in the human such as an increased heart rate and breathing. Horses know when a person is being authentic or not and will respond to the incongruence.

As gifted teachers and emotional geniuses, horses live in the moment. This allows people to engage in an authentic relationship where they feel safe to explore their innermost thoughts and feelings without judgment and with unconditional support. This can help build trust in themselves and others. Feelings surface and emotional learning can occur which can lead to new choices for relationships and emotional growth. People understand their own behaviour by tuning into the horse.

They teach us about authenticity and congruency, which is to be truly ourselves without suppressing the flow or sensations of emotions or feelings. They bring us out of our heads and into our hearts and bodies. They help us see our inner truths.

Horses have a lot to teach humans who live in a competitive, tense, high paced technological world, where real emotions are often suppressed or seen as being undesirable to express socially. They teach us about realizing nonverbal cues, unconscious behaviour patterns, and the effect that the emotional state of a person has on their words and actions.

The horses engage us in Experiential Learning – learning by doing. It is a process through which individuals gain knowledge, acquire skills, and enhance values from direct experience and reflective practice. These teachings reinforce the perceptions of change and promote integration in individual’s daily lives to make the learning’s practical and meaningful.

No prior horse experience required. All horse activities are on the ground.