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Horse Centered Reflection


Meet the Herd



MC Hammer (formerly Anvil)
(Birthdate unknown)10526015_909267029088871_5788155803512048698_n

MC is a 18-year-old Tennessee Walker gelding. He is black with two white back feet and a star on his forehead. He has a beautiful split mane and a tail that is so long it drags on the ground. MC was a trail horse in Banff. He was ridden from when he first came until May 2012 and has since been used exclusively for the FEEL work. He is an affectionate, loving horse with great insight. He is thought to be a healing horse and when he arrived in November 2008 pictures taken of him showed many orbs around him as well as a beautiful blue green one on his chest. His ‘spirit’ name is Indigo. MC has taken on the lead role of protecting the herd from any danger and stands his ground when coyotes are howling.


Jocelyn and horse

Gonzo (April 21, 1988)

Gonzo is a 28-year-old Arabian Gelding. Gonzo was born on our property and is the keeper of the land. He investigates any dogs, coyotes, or deer that dare to enter onto his property. Since our new mare Spirit arrived the first week of September 2012, he has changed from being aggressive with newcomers to being chased off the hay by both MC and Spirit and become low man on the totem pole. Despite this, Gonzo is inquisitive and engaging. He loves to open and close doors and thoroughly enjoys interaction with people.




Spirit (formerly Paille)
(March 27, 1998)

Spirit is a 19-year-old palomino registered quarter horse mare who was used as a reining horse and consequently has a clubfoot and injured tendons in the front legs. Spirit last owner was a loving young woman whose circumstances changed and she was not financially able to keep her and was looking for a forever home for her. The owner was becoming a little desperate to place her as she was boarding her and it was becoming a hardship as she had two children and had to work more since she was a single mom. It was felt that the horse would have had to be destroyed or sent to a rescue place as she would never sell as a riding horse or event horse again. She has a beautiful Spirit but is also very grounding in her manner. Since arriving in at Horse Centered Reflections in September 2013 at the age of 16, Spirit has mastered the art of the FEEL work and has secured her place in the herd as a the leader as well as in the work.  She is very smart and has helped many people to realize their paths with her wonderful abilities and determined personality.